About Us

‘Haverah’ is the Hebrew word for “friend”, and that is what Haverah is. Your friend.

I constantly seek to find wonderful, affordable and hopefully often unique accessories, many with a splash of colour, to add to or even brighten up your outfit and put a smile on your face.

The idea for Haverah originally emerged when I thought about the seeming lack of style and colour fashion accessorising available online for ladies when I was looking for ideas for my own outfit one evening. As a result, I decided to make it my goal to try and dramatically shake this up and turn it around.

And so Haverah was born.

I hope that what started out for me as the seed of an idea will hopefully now grow so I can share my passion for quality, affordable and desirable accessories with you. Whether it’s a quality leather bag, scarf, pashmina, a pair of gloves or a delicate magnetic brooch, I hope I can bring it to you.

And many accessories, of course, offering a complete uniqueness with an added splash of colour!